"I'm moving between creative direction and Ux Design. I'm always around,
for the network or by my bicycle, with music in the ears and one goal: to keep finding new inspiration and ideas."

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With over two decades of experience in the design industry, I am a dedicated Design Director specializing in Strategic Design and Human Experience, with a strong emphasis on Inclusive Design principles. At Sketchin, I lead transformative projects across diverse sectors, driving innovation and fostering inclusive cultures. My expertise lies in defining strategic visions, ensuring quality delivery aligned with client objectives, and empowering teams through collaborative processes. I excel in workshop facilitation, client empowerment, and organizational transformation, championing diversity and inclusion initiatives within our organization. With a keen focus on quality, empathy, and mentorship, I possess exceptional abilities in leading large teams across multiple projects, fostering a culture of excellence and personal growth. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of contributing to award-winning projects, such as IF Design, ADI index, further cementing my reputation for delivering outstanding results and driving positive impact.

I love working on different projects. I believe that as a designer, I am akin to an actor who can play several roles, adapting parts according to the specific script. Just as an actor's experience in various roles parallels that of a designer creating different interfaces for different customers. I see myself as the Charlie Chaplin of design, communicating not through words but through the expression of my sensibility.

Actually I'm working in Sketchin.com based in Milan.


Sep 2018 / today
Design Director  / Sketchin

jan 2017 / aug 2018
Creative Director  / Assist Digital

2011 / 2016
Design Director & Senior Art Director / NTT Data - Digital Entity

2011 / 2010
Art Director, Visual Video Director / Tecnomovie

2011 / 2008 
Senior Art Director / Maison,the

2008 / 2006
Senior Art Director / Fullsix

2006 / 2001
Creative Art Director / Olà! Brand Portal



Hello bank!, Vodafone, Telecom, Marzotto, Ferragamo, Bnl, Vatican Library, JTI, ABO, Enel, Coop, Deutsche Bank, Fineco, Esa ( European Space Agency ), Intesa San Paolo, Piaggio, Parmalat, Salmoiraghi & Viganò, Sky, Tod's, Amplifon, Mondadori, Ferrari, Campari, Citroen, Stefanel, Unicredit, Versace, Zurich, L'Orèal Paris, Poste Italiane, Roche, ATM maas, Treedom, Giornale di Brescia, Nexi, Cerved, Generali (CSE), Microsoft, Inps.